Jenny NormalJenny Normal

In the city of Acropolis, superheroes and their villainous counterparts are par for the course. They’re just another hazard of big-city living. But one day a woman comes to town. She doesn’t believe in fairies. She doesn’t believe in magic. And she most certainly does not believe in superheroes. Unfortunately for the denizens of Acropolis, she also has a special power- the power to alter reality itself. Updates whenever I get to it.



Mixed MythMixed Myth

My very first webcomic, which ran for about four years. It follows a band of adventurers in a world where the rules of magic are governed by cinematic principles- the more dramatic and flashy you make it, the better chance you have of succeeding! Also there are elves. They’re kind of dicks. But that’s okay, they’re just compensating. You’ll find out why.




My second webcomic, and a joint project with my brother. It follows the story of a part-time linguist and full-time miscreant as she begins to uncover the secrets of the strange magical-yet-distopian city she lives in.




Set in 12th century Britain, a soldier returns from the 4th Crusade to discover his sister and her husband have been slaughtered. He enlists the aid of a local leper to get to solve the murders. The answers, they fear, lie in a dark forest where strange spirits dwell and the old gods are not quite dead.  And yet as dangerous as the forest is, it does not compare to the threats that they themselves bring with them.




Reverb is a short experimental comic that is designed to be read backwards as well as forwards. The direction you read it in will give you a slightly different version of this ghost story.




A child from Earth finds himself stranded in a Dungeons and Dragons -like world where he is considered the odd one out- a dangerous changeling from some dark netherworld. But hey, at least he got some really swank winged boots for his iPod.



University of Lost GodsUniversity of Lost Gods

The old gods of the world don’t have as big a following as they used to. This means that they have a lot of of time on their hands. Which is good, because they have a lot to catch up on. And what better way to do this than to go back to school?




Cameo represents a clash between two different points of view and what happens when a bridge forms between them. It’s a short fantasy comic that I did just after Mixed Myth.